Covid Guidelines

Our New Normal Services

Following the Covid19 pandemic we have had to adjust our services to follow government guidelines and industry standards our priority is safety first for both staff and clients. We have new salon guidelines which are linked below and have strict allotted appointment times so it is crucial to ensure you book exactly for the services you are expecting .

Salon Guidlines Link Added To The Following Information

There will be several changes as you approach and enter the salon for your appointment. Please bare with us as we adapt and make this as easy and suitable for everyone. Your safety and our staff is our priority.

Salon Space

We are super lucky to have such a spacious salon, therefore we will be utilising the space effectively to keep everyone safe. We will be working in two teams over two floors. We will aim to keep the salon well ventilated when possible.

PPE, Masks and Gloves

Our team will be equipped with ppe and will be wearing grade 11 face masks, a visor, disposable aprons and gloves in line with government guidelines. Facemasks are mandatory at all times during your visit and must be fitted properly before entry. Because of our close contact services there is no exemptions in wearing a face mask and should you have a letter from your doctor please seek medical advice before visiting. Should you require to purchase a face mask there is a cost of £1.50 payable by cash only.

Clean and Protect Station

We have created a clean and protect station on entry to the salon where you will be able to sanitize your hands and have your temperature screened.

Social Distance Guides

Please keep you distance at all times from other clients, please ensure you are always wearing your mask properly.

Individual Stations

Each client will have one section to wait and have a service this will always be the space following government guidelines. Each section will be steam cleaned thoroughly between each appointment.

No Magazines Or Refreshments

We will no longer be able to provide reading material so please feel free to bring something with you but please dont leave it behind. You are also welcome to bring your own refreshments however your mask must remain correctly fitted other than when you are taking sips of your drink.

Hair Hygine

Please attend your appointment with clean dry hair hair that is free from product build up and root touch ups. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that a colour will perform as well as it can and it makes cutting more difficult. Your hair should be shampooed the day before your visit (please note it will also be shampooed at your appointment). There are a number of reasons that we are requesting this.

No Children Under 10 Or Fringe Trims

We can no longer offer dry cutting this is following government guidelines we can only permit wash and cut & blowdry services ONLY.

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